Sunday, January 23, 2011

Registration is now open!

Things are moving forward!!  Registration is now open at  Register as an individual and choose your local CrossFit gym as your team.   If your gym is not listed in the Participating Gyms links on the right of this page, talk to your gym owner and have them set up a team.

We have a great list of sponsors and prizes for individuals and gyms.   The CrossFit gym that raises the most money over $3000 will win a Concept2 Model D rower from the great people at Concept2!  The individual that raises the most money over $1000 will win a gift certificate for a free attendance at a CrossFit Endurance Certification class.   We've also got recovery drink for all participants from FUILD, and gift certificates from Progenex.

Participants who raise at least $100 will get a t-shirt designed by Ranger Up.

Remember, all proceeds raised will go to the LOCAL Red Cross Chapter that covers the area in which the money was raised.   So help your local community and have a great time doing it!   And if you are not a member at a CrossFit gym, call the gym nearest you and drop in to do your row with them.  You'll meet some great people and find out about one of the best fitness programs in the country!


  1. Jeff
    My name is Tammy and I Run the CrossFit 718 box over in Brooklyn. Our team is all rallied up for Sunday. We are satisfied with the money we raised and look forward to this event next year.

    Good Luck with the Row.

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